Marshall Fine Art Services
About Marshall Fine Arts

Marshall Fine Arts was founded in 1972 explicitly to provide museums, galleries and collectors with professional art-focused logistics services.

In the years since, we have been privileged to work with many of the most prestigious institutions and demanding collectors in the country.

Today, as a leading fine art service provider
  • We have a track record that is longer than virtually any other company in the Northeast. That enables our customers to entrust their artwork to us with full confidence.
  • We have a depth of past experience that only a company of our tenure can have. There is little in the world of fine art services that we have not seen and few art handling challenges that we have not solved.
  • We have a fleet of arts-oriented vehicles and equipment, most of which has been designed and built by us. That enables us to lift more, reach farther, work higher, and be safer than any other company.
  • We are the preeminent art handler for the entire Long Island region, located close to both JFK International Airport and the active art scene of the Hamptons.
Virtually all of Marshall’s services are performed in-house by our own experienced professionals. Because of this – and because of the capabilities of our art-handling equipment – we are frequently asked by our competitors to assist them on demanding projects.